“I’ve had the pleasure of working with mark on many projects over the last year….whether it’s writing, production or mixing Mark always handles each project with a real creative flair and artistic approach. He’s got a head full of ideas and so many tricks and toys…… it’d make Santa jealous!”

(Daniel Goudie a.k.a ‘Pilot’ – Producer)


“Mark is a pleasure to work with! I have had song writing sessions with him and he has also co-produced a few of my tracks. Mark adds a different flavour to my songs with his production & ear for new unique sounds. He brings enthusiasm & experience to all my projects and gets the job done well :)


“Mark’s work with Fitness Club Fiasco and as a remixer is pretty damn solid stuff.  New York’s Silent League were hugely inspired by the remix he did and asked him back again. I know the Phoenix remix was well recieved by the band.  His production work with FCF was fast and absolutely on point.  The transformations from demos to finished product was huge and only happened with a huge influx of ideas form Mark, in terms ot arrangement and production.”

(David Laurie – Label Boss)


“Mark ‘Sparky’ Underdown has sung on a few of my tracks and he’s a talent for sure.  He can come to you or he’s totally competent at producing his own vocal and sending it back in a zip.”

(Andy Hunter – DJ/Producer)


“From the start, Mark proved himself a producer we could trust.  He took our track and revisioned it entirely, pulling the whole castle down to the foundations before building it up again in a whole new, fully polished way. No back and forth required. We were so happy with the results that we kept going back for more.”

(Justin Russo)

TOPHER JONES (Ultra music)

“Melodies flow through Mark’s veins like blood. He has a vast library of knowledge in his brain, and hands that can play just about any instrument. He is clearly gifted in every facet of music. Playing, writing, recording, and singing all come natural to him. I continue to work with Mark because he brings out the best in me as a musician and I feel like that is one of the best qualities someone can have. He understands where you want to go and uses his ability to make sure it gets there.”


“I had the experience of working with Mark whilst recording [dweeb]’s second album, ‘Feels Like Dynamite’. With a brilliant understanding of melody and song structure, Mark is able to bring out the very best of any song. He is a pleasure to work with and I would happily do so again on any occasion.”

(Tim Alford)


“With an array of intuitive and well-trained musical skills at his disposal, Mark Underdown offers industry standard music production, arranging, mixing, and tracking. Regardless of your music background. He will take what you have and apply what many refer to as “the Sparky effect” and transform your songs into masterpieces. He will bring out the best in your ideas and musical strengths, preserving your music’s identity. I’ve yet to meet someone (including myself) that hasn’t come back from a session with Mark feeling energized and excited about the work he’s done.”

(Michael Harloff)